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3750 don't forward VRRP packets?

I have a 3750-24TS with EMI image to link 2 FreeBSD run VRRP daemon. I use tcpdump to ensure FreeBSD send VRRP packet out and with real NIC ip for source and for destination; with VRRP multicast address for etherframe source (ex. 0000.5e00.01a0) and broadcast address for etherframe destination.

Use show interface intf_type intf_num command could account input packets but output packets(very little).

Use show controller ethernet intf_type intf_num command get the same result.

Does anybody tell me what's wrong? Or what method could I take to solve the problem?

Or myabe some bugs on 3550 IOS remain in 3750 IOS?

Any suggestion/feedback is welcome!! Thx...


Re: 3750 don't forward VRRP packets?

Check for errors on the 3750 switch port using the "show interface counters error" command to verify that the switch is not reporting any errors from the ports connected to the freebsd servers.

If that all checks out, issue a ping to from a PC that is in the same subnet as the freebsd devices and see if the 2 devices consistently respond.

Next, try to SPAN the freebsd ports from the switch instead of using TCPdump from the servers and see if you can account for all VRRP packets.

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