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3750 inline power controller failure


I have a 3750 48 port PoE that has 20 AP's on it. It has run for the past year without issue. Yesterday we had bad storms and I noticed all twenty APs were offline. Checked the switch and the inline power wasn't working, did a shut/no shut still nada. I reloaded that switch, show post says inline power controller Failed.

I have done everything I can to bring it back so I replaced it.

Tonight we had another bad storm and same problem...

We have had storms in the past and this has been running for over a year. any ideas??

I thought these 3750s were supposed to handle spikes and esd well... I have at least 30 other PoE switches without any problems in various closets.

any thoughts or ideas?



Re: 3750 inline power controller failure

I think it is still the hardware problem. You better prepare another switch or add an UPS or a surge protection power bar to protect the power at the moment. Be remember to prepare the UPS with sufficient power if you select this option.

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Re: 3750 inline power controller failure

thanks however they are plugged into a 6kva APC Symmetra which is at about 15% load.


Re: 3750 inline power controller failure

Do you mean even you have an UPS but still have the problem ?


Re: 3750 inline power controller failure

If you still have the problem with UPS. I suspect there may be the UPS failure or somewhere the electricity / surge injeted from the UTP / AP to the sw.

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