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3750 port not passing traffic

Just received batch of new HP P3005 printers. The ones that we have hooked up over 10 meg half duplex links back to the 3750 switches have caused the fastethernet ports on the switch to cease sending data. The ports "appear" to be fully functional. Interface stats OK, no shutdown, no errordisable, etc. Downing and reupping port results in same condition (solid greet activity light on switch port). Have cleared everything I know of. Moving printer to another port and the printer works. Hooking another device to "bad" port and port still won't work. Reloading switch fixes trouble. Have had this occur on 3 different switches when installing P3005 printers. Is there another way to "reset" a port????

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Re: 3750 port not passing traffic

There isn't a way to reset an interface I'm aware of, other than the normal "shut" followed by "no shut". That's pretty bizarre behavior, almost as if the HP is sending some kind of frame that really upsets the 3750. Are you hardcoding the printer port speed to 10/Half, or is it auto-negotiating to that?

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Re: 3750 port not passing traffic

It was auto-negotiating in each case. (And the sh int indicated that the switch had adjusted itself accordingly). Shutdown and the converse did not make the port work. Everything that I can see in the switch indicates that the interface should be working.. except no xmit packets and the fact that the attached device won't work. These are brand new printers to us, so this will probably raise it's ugly head again. Pretty bad to have to restart a switch to clear a port! If I can get a trend on the problem, I'll call tac with it.

Re: 3750 port not passing traffic

is speed/duplex set to 10/half on the NIC of printer? if yes, can you please hard code speed/duplex to 10/half on 3750 switchport. clear counters and check for any CRC/collisions/errors coming in the interface.

even if speed/duplex is not configured on printer, you can give a try to configure it on switchport and check if it works.

try it and let us know the results.

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