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3750 Stack IOS upgrade question


I've got 4 3750's stacked and running IPBase IOS w/o Crypto. I want to upgrade these to an image that supports crypto. In the instructions it says to use a command similar to this: archive download-sw /leave-old-sw /reload tftp://host/c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-25.SEB4.tar. However, I can only download the .bin file, should I use a different method for upgrading, or is the bin file sufficient? If I need to do this another way, will the other method push the image to the other three switches?




Re: 3750 Stack IOS upgrade question

Not sure if this is the instruction that you have but it has a step by step procedure on upgrading IOS on 3750 in a Stack:

copy tftp is a valid way in upgrading just the bin file.

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Re: 3750 Stack IOS upgrade question


Thanks, for the additional links. However, I don't see where I can download the tarball image, only the .bin. Will the copy tftp command upgrade the bin on all 4 switches?

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Re: 3750 Stack IOS upgrade question

yes, it should.

The tar file should be available through CCO at the download page for switches.

You need CCO login id and password though.


Re: 3750 Stack IOS upgrade question

you can load a tar onto your device if you have enough flash room.

the tar then needs to be 'expanded' to either extract all files or the specific files you need to work with. this will require even more flash space.

a search on CCO for this exact file comes up blank. does not exist. verify you have the correct spelling, etc. if this is the file name you need.

then use the cisco software search tool as follows:

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Re: 3750 Stack IOS upgrade question

I went to the same issue to find out that to use the archive CLI command you must use a .tar file. You can download a .tar file by selecting the "WITH WEB BASED DEVICE MANAGER" in the IOS image library.


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