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3750 stack memory allocation

I have a question regarding the WS-3750-48PS switch. The product data sheet tells us that the switch has 128 MB physical DRAM memory and 16MB Flash memory.

When the switch is master of a stack group and I issue a "show version" or "show memory" the values 118776K/12288K are returned. When I searched NetPro for answers I noted other posts with the same values when using a stack configuration.

Is it a possibility that there is memory allocted for the stack group? Any useful information is appreciated.


Re: 3750 stack memory allocation

The TCAM is a specialized piece of memory designed for rapid table lookups by the access control list (ACL) engine on the Catalyst 3750 switches. The ACL engine performs ACL lookups based on packets passing through the switch. The result of the ACL engine lookup into the TCAM determines how the switch handles a packet. For example, the packet may be permitted or denied. The TCAM has a limited number of entries that are populated with mask values and pattern values

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Re: 3750 stack memory allocation

That is the correct value for 128MB of memory. The total memory on this platform is carved at bootup into processor/IO memory respectivly. 118776K is processor memory and 12288K is IO memory. 118776K + 12288K = 131064K and 128 * 1024 = 131072K. so it isnt a side effect of the stack, its simply the way we carve memory on this system.

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