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3750G-12S <> 3550-12G

I have a small network and i need a core switch, there are two options: the 3550-12G switch that has GBIC ports and the 3750G-12S that has SFP ports. Actually my switch core is a 3508XL, i have the GBIC interfaces, so the 3550-12G would be ok, but what about the 3750-12S, what is your advice??,



Re: 3750G-12S <> 3550-12G

If you had to buy everything new, one could argue in favor of buying the latest technology etc.

When you only have a small network, a 3750 will not really pay off. With the 3550 you can already build a layer3 capable core that will serve your needs. The fact that you can re-use the GBICs is an extra argument in favor of the 3550.



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Re: 3750G-12S <> 3550-12G

Here is a link to 3750 switch presentation. 3750 would be a clear choice here but you have to understand that it uses a SPF connector rather than a GBIC. 3750 has layer 3 capabilities as well and is ready for IPv6 in hardware. Not much price difference between the two so if you can handle different media (SPF) then go with the 3750's.

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Re: 3750G-12S <> 3550-12G

I forgot to mention that 3750 has higher switching capabilities and a bigger backbone.

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Re: 3750G-12S <> 3550-12G


I think 3550-12G is better than 3750-12S in this case if your network will not grow up quickly and the cost is the major issue in your pruchase policy.

You can find 3nd party GBIC product in market for 3550 but SFP GBIC for 3750 (One of my partner talk me Cisco put a ROM in SFP GBIC to control the market/price? If it is not true please correct me)

3750 have larger RAM and switching capacity than 3550 for more performance/feature, if you think your network is not too complex and low load, 3550-12G is enough!!


Kae Hsu

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Re: 3750G-12S <> 3550-12G

Here are the price differences: (additional iformation so you can make an educated decision)

Cisco 3750-12S with Enhanced Image (11995)

Cisco 3750-12S with Standard Multilayer Image (7995)

- Standard image supports RIP and static routing.

Cisco 3550-12G (9995)

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