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4/2950s using GiGaStack

We have 4 2950's utilizing the gigastack technology. The command switch's management vlan is configured layer 3 SVI int vlan 66. I noticed that int vlan 1 goes to administratively down automatically after the in vlan 66 comes up. Also, noticed that it didnot propagate that change across the stacks. Sho on the other 3 switches in the stack int vlan 66 didn't exist and int vlan 1 was active. Also noticed that the ip default-gateway on the command switch was set correctly but on the other switches it was set to a private address automatically. I have a few questions. #1 Does each 2950 in the stack need to be assigned a managment int vlan 66 with a different address and have int vlan 1 shutdown to match commander

#2 does the ip default-gateway need to be set on each swtch or is the gigastack using this automatically for something internally?


Re: 4/2950s using GiGaStack

The behavior is correct you can only have 1 layer 3 SVI on the 2960 so it shuts the other one down. These addresses and the default gateway is for manageing the switches only and has no effect on any clients attached to the switch. I haven't used gigastack but if you had indivdual addresses when they were on vlan 1 then you would have to assign addresses in vlan 66 the same way.

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Re: 4/2950s using GiGaStack

This is a new config and there were no ip addresses assigned before. Do I need to assign each switch in the stack an IP address on the management int vlan 66?


Re: 4/2950s using GiGaStack

The answer is yes you would need an address for switch along with the default gateway if you want to manage the switches.

Re: 4/2950s using GiGaStack


the command switch is incharge of the whole stack. You have an option if you wnt to configure a member switch's vlan1 with an IP. If you dont configure IP on the member switch you can manage member switches from the command switch. So the answer to your 1st question is No.

To manage the a memebr switch, you 1st telnet into the command switch and enter into # prompt. Then type rc 1 for memeber 1 or rc 2 to get to member 2 and so on. type exit to come back to command switch.

You will also notice memebr switches will have a n automatic default gateway configured, so don't change them. Let us know if you need further help ! goog luck.

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