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4503 CLI - Sup II vs SUP IV

We are upgrading to Sup IV from Sup II, I understand the current CatOS can't be migrated to the Supervisor IV's IOS. As I will have to manually input the port configuration into the new module, are there any CLI commands that no longer exist that we need to be aware of? From what I gather the CLI changes between supervisor engines

Thanks in advance


Re: 4503 CLI - Sup II vs SUP IV

Not sure what you mean, the CatOS is a set based configuration and they are all layer 2. so, nothing from the SupII's config can be ported to IOS based. Is it fairly simple to convert if you go through the show config of the catos. for example, you will see something like "set vlan x m/p", that would be equivalne to the following:

conf t

interface gig(faste) m/p

switch access vlan x

There is a tool that Cat6000 uses to convert CatOS to IOS configuration but like I said it's for Cat6000 but it might be able to convert most of your CatOS configuration to IOS:

Like I said it's for Cat6000 but with care you can use it to convert the CatOS configuration to IOS based.

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