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4506 and Wireless AP 1200's

Can the 4506 supply power to both radio's A&B in the AP 1200? (11 watts)

DO the ports in the WS-4148-RJ45V supply more than 6.3 watts because the AP 1200 with both radios A&B require 11 watts?

If the 4506 cannot supply 11 watts, does this mean a Power Injector must be used with the AP 1200 for both radios?


Re: 4506 and Wireless AP 1200's

Did you opt to choose a power transformer (AC) which comes usually along with the AP 1200, or you opted for a power injector. Power injector is needed for Power over Ethernet connections while using in conjuction with the AP1200, with 802.11 a and dual radio 802.11a/802.11b configurations.

For 802.11b only configurations, you can use the inline power switch module you have.

Remember if you have to get a power injector, you have to pay from your pocket extra. while the power transformer that comes with AP1200 is shipped free along with the unit.

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Re: 4506 and Wireless AP 1200's

Definitely requires a power transformer or injector for dual A/B operation - though with 802.11af support in future blades that should be a non-issue. But you'll have to wait until they are available.

Ken Johnson

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