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4506 problems


I have two 4506 and there is a check point nokia for filtring access to the production zone

When we do any ftp from our LAN to THE server in THE other zone , the utilisation of core became very high and some times the core is inaccessible. However, in the nokia there isn’t any problem.

I need your help to verify this problem and if there is any solution,


Cisco Employee

Re: 4506 problems

Can you provide more details such as software version, if FTP is between VLANs or same VLANs etc. I also suggest you open a TAC case as this issue might be more involving to be solved on a forum

Community Member

Re: 4506 problems

The local area is and we have a check point that have two pates one pate connected to a catalyst 2950 and this catalyst is connected to the core of the LAN the 4506.

The second pate is connected to the production zone “192.168.150.”

In the configuration of the core we have an ip route to the production zone via the nokia interface .

We have tested an ftp between different VLAN and there isn’t any problems .

Community Member

Re: 4506 problems

Try to use QoS to decrease the bandwidh for FTP from the source (not the core), and let us know where is the bottleneck in your network. I don't think that there is a problem with the 4506, I have worked with it and it is so powerfull. A show interface statement can be helpfull.

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