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4506 router commands

I heard from some of my friends that the commands for 4506 core switch is different from 2950 switches. Since, this is the first time i am going to handle the core switches.

I can't find any sample configs in the web for 4506 switches. If u people know any links which holds sample configs, plz provide me the links.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: 4506 router commands

I am not sure what you are looking for. Do you have a CAT OS based Supervisor or IOS based Supervisor in your 4506?

Check out the configuration guidelines.

For IOS based Sup

For CAT OS based Sup

New Member

Re: 4506 router commands

Thanks Prasanth

Is there is any basic steps and configs to be carried out before going to the advanced lavel of configurations.

Cisco Employee

Re: 4506 router commands

I am still nto sure what you are looking for? Can you be more specific. Basic steps/configuration should be similar to the 2950s you are used to.

By default all ports are in VLAN 1 and should be enabled. You can just assign an IP address to VLAN 1 interface for management purpose. Also, enable "switchport host" on user ports.

New Member

Re: 4506 router commands

Sorry Prasanth..i think i am giving you some hard time :-)

And i learnt the supervisor engine is WS-X4515 – Supervisor IV which is IOS based. I am in the initial planning and documentation stage.

Just want to know, can I start my VLan configs immediately after removing a brand new switch from the pack or I have to go through some initial IOS upgrades and other checks check before going through actual switch configurations.

Can you suggest me some links which have sample configs for 4506 switch.


Re: 4506 router commands


You can start with the IOS on the sup engine that you have.You need IOS upgrade only if you have some hardware requirement or any other feature you are looking for.You can deploy your basic configurations that you want to do. Here is the link :


-amit singh

New Member

Re: 4506 router commands

Thanks amith

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