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4506 Telnet Issues

I am runnning a 4506 with 12.2(20) EWA. I had configured telnet to the switch and then removed telnet by entering the "no login" command on line vty 0 4.

line vty 0 4

no login

This will disable telnet access to the switch but it did not. I have opned a case with Cisco regarding this isue which I think is a bug. They have created the same issue and are trying to confirm that its a bug. I know you removing the vty line will give me same of affect as no login.

I would like to know if anyone experiencing the same issue and what IOS they are using.


Re: 4506 Telnet Issues

Can't really say most network admins need to be able to telnet into the switches to manage them so generally most of us would not shut them down . If you need security you can always add acl's against the vty lines.

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Re: 4506 Telnet Issues

Yes, I understand that. The reason for the post is to find similiar issues.

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Re: 4506 Telnet Issues

This is *NOT* a bug and working as designed. "no login" under VTY lines just allows telnet without prompting for a password. As you can see in the parser, it clearly says its for password checking only

cse-45b(config-line)#no login ?

local Local password checking

tacacs Use tacacs server for password checking

If you want to disable access, try configuring "no transport input" under the VTY lines.

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Re: 4506 Telnet Issues

no transport input is a good way to stop telnet access. I also have found "no exec" on the VTYs to be quite effective.



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