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4507/4506 - no connection


i have just configured two of my new switches... one being a 4507 and the other a 4506. i have configured them to be layer 2 only (no ip routing) and have set up the 2 vlans that i need routed. anyway, i just want to test connectivity between the two... however, i'm unable to get an up/up on the ports connecting the two switches. i have verified there's no 'shutdown' statement and that the settings are all correct. what have i left out? why can't i sync up the two?


Cisco Employee

Re: 4507/4506 - no connection

what configuration do you have on the interfaces. Have you created layer 2 VLANs and SVI on both the switches?

The following page should help

Community Member

Re: 4507/4506 - no connection

You may want to check to see if there is link light between the switches first. If so, are they configured with trunking to pass multiple vlans across the link?

Also, what are you using to test between the 2 switches? Meaning, are you pinging between the 2 switches via the command line or do you have hosts on each switch pinging?

Community Member

Re: 4507/4506 - no connection

so, i've narrowed it down. the 4507 appears to be fine - i've tested it going to another 4506. the problem seems to be on the 4506. for some reason it show's every interface (including the VLANS) as DOWN - DOWN;whereas every other switch is UP - DOWN on all non-connected interfaces. what would cause the "DOWN - DOWN"?


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