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4507R Dual Sup IV question

Currently working with a 4507R with dual Supervisor IV blades in the lab. I have been working on some different config ( with Vlans & VTP, etc..). I have come to a point I want to start over by just erasing startup and boot to clean config. Every time I do this, the sup's sync and I boot back to the original config. I have tried disabling the "auto-syn standard" and the "auto-sync startup-config" and tried the erase and still no luck. I browsed the Cisco web site to come up empty. If anyone as any ideas I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks in advance


Re: 4507R Dual Sup IV question

The vlan infomation is stored in the file vlan.dat probably either in the flash or nvram. If the configuration that you are referring to is regarding vlans, you need to delete this file and then reload the device. You can try the command 'delete vlan.dat' and then try reloading the switch. Check if the information available here helps you :


Re: 4507R Dual Sup IV question

Maybe you can take out SUP-B, delete SUP-A, take out SUP-A, put in SUP-B, and delete SUP-B?

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