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5002 Supervisor II G issue

I have a 5002 with 2 175 watt power supplies and a Supervisor II G. Status lights are all green. There is no 4 port module installed in the Supervisor II G.

Hyperterminal shows nothing when plugged in. There is absolutely nothing. I have tried jumpuing pins J8 with no positive result.

All I can say is that the status lights are all green meaning it should be good to go. I have tried two separate modules below the supervisor and lights show green on them also.

I have tried doing a control/break during bootup with hyperterminal.

I would like to see the config or recover a password but can't till I get something on the screen.

Jim Cornelson


Re: 5002 Supervisor II G issue

A straight thru with a null modem on the pc end should work , this combo with or without a null modem will work on almost all cisco equipment . This is one of my pet peeves that cisco can't make a common console interface across their lines .

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Re: 5002 Supervisor II G issue

Thanks for the response. A simple, regular patch cable gives me console access.

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