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525UR vs 3620

I am trying to compare some options for creating a 3DES tunnel across a point-to-point wireless link. Throughput is the most important factor for this customer. My wireless links will have a sustained throughput of 54Mbps half-duplex. I have to build two separate connections from the same POP to two separate buildings. All the traffic is IP only and terminates to a Catalyst 2950 and then onto a 3662 connected to several T1s.

I need more than two 10/100 ports thus the 3620 in the examples.

Which configuration will give me the best performance?

Scenario A

3620 running IP Plus IPSec 3DES terminated via the wireless to 2621XMs on the opposite side of the link.

Scenario B:

One 2621 for each link.

Scenario C:

525-UR for each link.

I know the 3DES throughput of the 525-UR to be 70Mbps. How does that stack up to the routers? How much efficiency do I gain by using an AIM-VPN-EP in place of the NM-2FE2W in the routers?

Thanks for the replies!

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Re: 525UR vs 3620

2621 - has a Packet forwarding Performance of 25 Kpps

3620 - has a Packet forwarding Performance of 40 Kpps

525-UR - 1.7 Gbps throughput

AIM-VPN-EP - has been announced End of sale .

If there is no expansion of network say no additional modules is forecasted in the routers, You can go for the PIX 525-UR which is best option when compared to 2621 and 3620

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