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6500 acl questions...

I have 2 routers both MSFC2 on isolated networks(corporate and video). I am going to run a GIG connection b/w them b/c I need to manage the video network(CW,HPOV, telnet etc.) I want to supress RIP updates from flooding both routers. I know I need to set up an outbound ACL from the corporate rtr and inbound acl on the video rtr for redundency. what about passive interfaces and distribution lists. can someone help me with the necessary commands?

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Re: 6500 acl questions...

You need to make the interface connecting the two routers a passive interface for RIP.

(config-router)#passive-interface "type-number"

What do you need the ACL's to do?

Distribute lists are only really used with BGP

From what you have explained, I would run a static route between routers, make both interfaces passive for RIP, and then configure an access-list on both routers to control access


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Re: 6500 acl questions...

if I do have passive interfaces, will the ACL still give the RIP updates to the permissioned address? so i can manage the video network? what about route-map statements with the next-hop command, or would the static routes take care of that? thx for your help so far

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