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6500 Dual Supervisor Question

I have a couple of questions concerning configuring 6500 with dual supversiors and msfcs running hybrid code.

1. The MSFCs must have identical configurations on them in order to work properly? That is HSRP must be used to configure the routers?

2. What about if you want to use DLSW on a redundant configuration? Do you need to put the same commands on the secondary supervisor?

3. Is there a version of Catalyst OS that will allow only the primary router to be enabled while the second router is in standby?

Cisco Employee

Re: 6500 Dual Supervisor Question

1)You are correct. You must configure both MSFCs identically. HSRP is one way of doing it. Single router Mode(SRM) is another way of doing it. The following page on CCO should be useful to you

2)I'm not a DLSW expert, but if you use SRM, you should be fine. The following page on CCO should be useful

3)Depends on your redundancy implementation. With HSRP, you can use priority and preempt commands and make one MSFC active for all VLANs and the other standby. With SRM, all interfaces on the non designated MSFC are kept in a line down state and are not visible to the network. You can find more info on SRM at

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