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6500 slot0:

I have 12 6500's that I need to upgrade the IOS on. I have done this hundreds of times. All twelve do not recognize slot0 when I am in the MSFC. In the supervisor, I can do a dir slot0: and see the images. I session over to the MSFC and do a dir slot0: and it does not recognize the device. I thought it was a fluke until all 12 did the same thing. Did I have a brain cramp, is their some sort of command to enable/disable slot0: in the MSFC.


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Re: 6500 slot0:

You were never able to do dir slot0: from MSFC except ofcourse you running native ios and you can do a dir sup-slot0:

you can load a file from slot0: (use sup-slot0: in your boot system commad) though

Use the latest boothelper image as they are known issues which prevents loading of IOS from slot0:

boothelper still needs to be there in the bootflash on the MSFC.


Re: 6500 slot0:

I thought for sure I was able to use it before, but then again I have workded mostly with native ios on 6500's. So honestly I am not crazy, there is no waty to copy an image from the bootflash to slot0? I was trying to copy the images off of the MSFC onto the PCMCIA card. The 6500's did not have any fast ethernet blades, so I could no use tftp.

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Re: 6500 slot0:

Guess what, there is a way to do it.

Make the msfc a tftp server and then go to sup and download the file from the msfc (TFTP server) to slot0:

to make msfc tftp server, you need to use tftp server configuration command.


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Re: 6500 slot0:

If you want to copy the config to the slot0 on the active sup, you can run the following command

"copy run sup-slot0:"

That means that you can copy from the slot0 on the active sup to the MSFC also.

"copy sup-slot0:MSFC-ACTIVE-CONFIG start"

This is on a non-native IOS Cat 6500.

I hope this helps with your upgrade.

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