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6500 Sup2 keeps rebooting

We have a 6509 with two Sup2-2G. With both sups installed, slot 1 becomes active, but when slot 2 becomes standby, slot 1 gives a bus exception error and a Proc ID of SL_TASK, and slot 2 becomes active. Slot 1 then keeps rebooting.

If we just have a single Sup in slot 1, all works ok. When the other Sup is insterted in Slot 2, when it goes into standby, slot 1 fails, then slot 2 becomes active.

If we just have a single Sup in slot 2, all works ok. When the other Sup is inserted in Slot 1, it keeps rebooting.

There are no other modules installed.

There are two chassis, each with two Sups, and we have now found that two Sups have a h/w version of 2.2. If these are installed together, all works fine. The other two Sups have h/w versions of 2.0 and 3.2. If these are used together, or either with a 2.2 version Sup, the problem occurs.

Does anybody know of any limitations regarding h/w versions on Sup2s?


Re: 6500 Sup2 keeps rebooting

there is no problem with the hardware version,- the only limitation is sup shold be same- if one has msfc, other should be toowhat software version you are runnning.

When you move there two supervisor in the different chassis , are they still rebooring.

Please paste sh ver, and sh log from the switch , sh logging buffer 1023

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Re: 6500 Sup2 keeps rebooting

Unfortunately, I was not on-site, but got a call from the installation engineer. All the Sups are (apparently) the same, running the same boot ROM, and CatOS 7.2(2). The only difference is the hardware versions of the blades.

With the two h/w version 2.2 Sups in either chassis, all is ok. If the 2.0 or 3.2 h/w version Sups are used with any other Sup, in either chassis, then the Sup in Slot 1 keeps rebooting.

We are now arranging for two more Sups to be sent out from our stock (after ensuring they both work together!), but I would like to get to the bottom of this, possibly by trying it out in our lab, but if I can get any info on any known issues it would help!


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