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6500 traffic shaping/rate limiting qos


I have a 6509 with:

1 2 Catalyst 6000 supervisor 2 (Active) WS-X6K-S2U-MSFC2 SAL0611141M

3 8 8 port 1000mb GBIC Enhanced QoS WS-X6408A-GBIC SAD043501A4

4 48 48 port 10/100 mb RJ45 WS-X6348-RJ-45 SAD04320GMD

We have 3 providers, 2 are 100mbs links, 1 is gigabit link.

Our existing servers are on 1 vlan on 5000 series switches. They each connect to the switch at 100mbs. From there, the switch is uplinked to the 6509 thru a gigabit uplink port.

What I want to do is traffic shape/rate limit those Servers OUTBOUND speeds to a specified rate. ie. 4mbs or 8mbs, each.

How can I accomplish this? Please give any configuration examples.

New Member

Re: 6500 traffic shaping/rate limiting qos

Here is a sample to put on the 6500.

set qos enable

set port qos 5/45 port-based

set qos policer aggregate "acl name" rate 20000 burst 1000 drop

New Member

Re: 6500 traffic shaping/rate limiting qos

I have Cisco IOS Native on the 6500. I been trying:

access-list 101 permit any any

policy map test

class test access-list 101

police 2000000 conform transmit exceed drop

interface fastethernet 4/1

service policy input test

and that seems to work for a directly connected port.

And that should affect ALL in/out for the entire port correct?

the other question I have is, what about for a port on another switch?

ie. If I have a 5000 switch with ports in vlan 1 as well, that I want to have qos like this. Can I ?

Or do they have to be physically on the same switch (6500) to be port based? I cannot do each port in their own vlan, too many hosts.

Thanks for your help, I'm having a hard time figuring this stuff out. I was even thinking of using the 6509 I have as a core switch/router only and getting some cheap 2948G-L3 switch/router and do port limiting from there. That way it would break up the broadcast domain for my network as well. And can directly set port rate limit.


New Member

Re: 6500 traffic shaping/rate limiting qos

service policy input affects only input traffic, please use service policy output for output.

I don't think the 5000 supports any qos features. If you have 20 hosts, and want separate qos for each one, just define a class-map for each host, then define the qos required under the policy-map.


class-map host1 match all

match access-list host1

class-map host2 match all

match access-list host2

policy-map all

class host1

police 2000000 conform transmit exceed drop

class host2

police 2000000 conform transmit exceed drop

New Member

Re: 6500 traffic shaping/rate limiting qos

please add

set qos acl map "acl name" 5/45

New Member

Re: 6500 traffic shaping/rate limiting qos

Hi there,

the configuration depends on where you are going to apply. On the Supervisor only ingress is possible.

But on the MSFC you can disable MLS ( no mls ip ) on interface vlan and will be possible to implement output policer.

CAR and MQC works in this case on MSFC with MLS disabled on interface.

OBS: disable MLS could cause some performance impact on MSFC CPU card.

Good luck.

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