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6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

We have a 6503 on Bootstrap 7.1(1) on CatOS 8.8(4)4 that I am trying to upgrade to IOS 12.2SDX code. The problem is the Sup and the MSFC2 only have 16Mb of ram. I placed the bin IOS image on an AT 64Mb card, but when I try the boot disk0:xxxxx.bin command I get the following message: *** TLB (Store) Exception ***

When I try to boot slot0:xxxx.bin I get the same message. If I try with a flash memory card (20Mb) I can boot to old CATOS with the boot slot0:xxxx command. Looks like the rommon does not recognize the disk0: device type. Any help please on this and upgrading the system to IOS.


Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

Sounds like you are trying to convert from Hybrid to Native IOS.

Have you looked at this link for the procedure:

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Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

Yes this is a CatOS to IOS conversion/upgrade, and I have looked at this link thank you. The problem I am having occurs at the bottom of step 4 on this link. Doing a dir slot0: fails because the memory in slot0: is an ATA 64Mb card. The reason we are using the ATA card is because I cannot load the 49mb IOS image onto the 32mb bootflash.

The main problem is that the CATOS 8.8(4)4 and 7.1.1 rommon do not recognize "disk0:" as a device to boot from....This is the point of issue where I need assistance.



Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

Did you try to format the disk ???

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Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

Yes I formated disk0: on the 6503 before I copied the IOS image onto it. I can successfully do a "dir disk0:" and see the image on the ata card, but when I clear the boot variable and then try to add the following catos command on the sup module it barks:

Console> (enable) dir disk0:

2 -rw- 49592356 Jun 21 2006 15:43:17 s222-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122


14663680 bytes available (49594368 bytes used)

Console> (enable) set boot system flash disk0:s222-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.12-18.


Warning: File not found but still added in the bootstring.

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Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

And here's a show boot for reference:

Console> (enable) sh boot

BOOT variable = disk0:s222-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.12-18.SXF4.bin,1;

CONFIG_FILE variable = bootflash:switch.cfg

Configuration register is 0x2102

ignore-config: disabled

Here is the error on bootup:

Autoboot executing command: "boot disk0:s222-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.12-18.SXF4.b


open(): Open Error = -13

loadprog: error - on file open

boot: cannot load "disk0:s222-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.12-18.SXF4.bin"

Exit at the end of BOOT string

I have a copy of the catos on the bootflash and by changing the boot variable can get back online in catos but the IOS image just isn't loading.

Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

Okay, you need to go through that document again. From the above you are trying to boot from slot0: which has the Native IOS. You are supposed to put the SP in rommon and the MSFC in rommon and from SP's rommon prompt boot the Native IOS manually with boot slot0:. changing the boot varible from CatOS to point to slot0: with Native IOS is not the right conversion procedure.

I assume this is a sup2/MSFC2, is that right? Can you also post the "dir slot0:" from the hybrid mode?

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Re: 6503 Sup not recognizing disk0: to boot from

Just an observation, the boot string and the IOS file name differ slightly. Note "mz.12-18.SXF" for the boot string and "mz.122-18.SXF" for the IOS image. A two is missing from the boot string. I normally use "BOOT=disk0:" this means use the first file found at the destination and boot with it, simple you don't have the typo problems.


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