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6509-E Sup2T IOS 12.2SY and QoS

I apologize if this is in the wrong place.  I've posted this on a forum I frequent, but I am thinking the Sup2T is just too new and not many people have experience with it.  I am in hopes someone here may have some experience with it.  Also wanting to get some feedback on how I have queuing setup, if it is perferred or if I need to rethink how I am going at it.

I was able to get a working config between the 6509 and some 3750s.   Saturated the links and trickled some VoIP and Video traffic across it  without a single "interesting traffic" drop.  I have attached the  topology of my lab and the configs of the switches I was able to get  working (after many many head scratching moments).  I still have to lab  up the other portions of my topology, but its a start.

Oh, and does anyone know if there is a command equivalent to "show mls  qos interface <interface> stat" for the Sup2T?  The closest I  could find was "show queueing interface <interface> details" but  it just doesn't give was the other command does.  I want to be able to  see CoS/DSCP ingressing and egressing the ports...


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