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6509 flash card recommendation

We are looking in to purchasing a flash card for our Cisco 6509. Any recommendations on good ones out there or anything I should watch for?


Re: 6509 flash card recommendation

Be carefull, 6509 is really picky. You will be safer to go with the Cisco flash card.


Re: 6509 flash card recommendation

Depends on what 6509 you have , if its' a new 720 they use the same SAN disks you buy out in the store for like $50 , all you need to do is format it . Cisco will charge like $700 for the same storage SAN media.


Re: 6509 flash card recommendation

I'll second that. We have cheap $50 flash cards in all of our Sup720s and they work great. You just need to let the switch format the card before trying to use it.

New Member

Re: 6509 flash card recommendation

we are using a Sup2 card. Should I just stick with a cisco flash card or try to go with a different one?

Re: 6509 flash card recommendation

Hi Sachin,

I will recommend you to go through this link and buy the card which is mentioned in this link depending upon your memory requirment.

For sup 2 I will always recommend to buy Cisco card becuase sup 2 is really smart enough and may not work with different card.

This link will give you all the details about the card name and part number and other details.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


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