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6509/Flexwan IOS issue

Running a Cat6509 with hybred code (Cat 6.3.5 & IOS 12.1(12c)E5). Am upgrading to IOS 12.1(12c)E5 from 12.1(8a)E5 on Cisco recommendation to address Flexwan issue.

I have 8 atm-pvcs running on a Flexwan on this 6509. Following msfc reset to load new code, all atm sub-interfaces vanished from config. Restored from backup but was wondering if anyone else had seen this issue?

BTW, yes, I did a "wr mem" before reload.


Re: 6509/Flexwan IOS issue


Not sure how the configuration vanished, but here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while resetting the MSFC. At power up or manual reset you must configure the MSFC to boot from its bootflash (or the supervisor engine's Flash PC card; however, bootflash is preferred) Before you can use a system image stored on the supervisor engine Flash PC card, you must set the BOOTLDR environment variable. In privileged mode, enter the boot bootldr bootflash: boot_loader_image command.

There are a few open caveats wrt flexwan. Check if this would help:

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Re: 6509/Flexwan IOS issue

Thank you. Yes, i am loading the IOS off of sup-slot0: and yes I have to BOOTLDR variable set. We have a problem open with TAC concerning the 12.1.(12)E5 code anyway. Following this load, I noticed that OSPF went to 60% on the cpu (usually runs at about 1%). Also having multicast issues. TAC has recommended going to 12.1.13e3, so am looking at doing that this weekend.

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