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6509 Help - Deactivate Slot2 MSFC ?

Okay after performing a recovery on our 6509 the other night it appears that the MSFC in slot2 is also routing traffic.

Before the recovery it was not..We were not in Single Router mode or using HSRP.

So i realise there was no redundancy configured. At this point I would like to return to that mode and from there I can begin to plan for some redundancy options. So ?

How can I disable the slot2 MSFC and force the slot1 MSFC to route all traffic ?

Can I shut down all the vlan interfaces (inc vlan1) on the slot2 MSFC ? I believe that was the case b4 the recovery b/c when I swapped over to the slot2 MSFC during the recovery all VLANS were shutdown..I am in a bit of a bind b/c we are experiencing some wierd routing issues b/c some host are trying to use the MAC of the 1st msfc and some the MAC of the 2nd MSFC.

Any help is appreciated..1st time working with the 6509 so i am learning a ton here..



Cisco Employee

Re: 6509 Help - Deactivate Slot2 MSFC ?

Hi Dave,

If you want to completely disable the MSFC of the standby supervisor, you can set the configuration register to 0x0, and it will always boot to rommon until you change it back.

To do this, in global config mode, enter

Router(config)#config-register 0x0

then do a "write mem" and reload the msfc, it will come up on rommon, and be inactive.

To access it in rommon, you'll have to use the command "switch console 16" and plug a laptop into the console port of the secondary sup. the switch console 16 command forces the console ownership to the MSFC rather than the supervisor. From there, if you want to change it back, issue the command in rommon>confreg 0x2102 and then reset it.

When you are ready to configure redundancy, refer to the following document for various MSFC redundancy options as well as how to configure it:



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New Member

Re: 6509 Help - Deactivate Slot2 MSFC ?

Perfect, thanks alot


New Member

Re: 6509 Help - Deactivate Slot2 MSFC ?

Any idea once I deactivate the MSFC2 how long it should take for the arp cache to refresh for all hosts that had the MAC entry for that MSFC for their DG ?

Cisco Employee

Re: 6509 Help - Deactivate Slot2 MSFC ?

The default ARP timer is 4 hours long, so hosts may want to flush if they are still pointing to the incorrect DG.


New Member

Re: 6509 Help - Deactivate Slot2 MSFC ?

Thanks for the help.

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