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6509 Reboot issue

We have few 6509 switches with SUP1A. Power Supplies are 1300W each and redundant, each connected to different UPS.

We have seen a problem which does not make much sense. Couple of switches reboot all of a sudden. We checked and normally one of the UPS batteries were bad. But how come the other redundant power supply does not take control and keep the switch ON.

We have Cisco Works installed too and normally if we have a power supply problem, it sends a notification. But with this issue, Cisco Works only notifies about switch being un-responsive (shut down) without giving any indication of power supply problem.

Is there anything to check on the switch as Cisco works says that power supplies are redundant. Power load on switches is less than 1300 W. Is there any way to check problems with the power supplies (getting old or some other problem) or is there any problem with the configuration (we kept the default power configuration which is redundant).




Re: 6509 Reboot issue

Do the show power command to see if they are in redundant mode (default). Also check to see what the power load is. If 1 power supply can't handle the load by itself it may cause a reboot and some modules may not be powered up after the reboot.

Hope this helps.


Re: 6509 Reboot issue

In CatOS it's show environment power will tell you what is the power mode. However, if you need to look at the show log of the switch to see if maybe there is a crash. If there are no crashes, how often does the switch reboot for no reason? Even if the power supplies were not in redundant mode and it still have enough power for the system to powr the rest of the line card, the switch will not power down or reboot. Check the log and the logging buff 1023 to check if there are anything happening prior to the reboot. Make sure both UPS are fine. If this is a regular occurence, then try connecting the PS directly to the power source, just to eliminate the UPS factor.

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