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6509 - Slow FTP connection

I have a mid-range client backing up to a storage server, both of which have gigabit connections into a 6509. On testing data transfer rates a simple 4Mb FTP transfer from the client to the server takes about 5 minutes!

The port duplex is set to full and the speed fixed at 1000, can anyone offer any suggestions on the poor performance, or is the problem more likely to be at the device end?


New Member

Re: 6509 - Slow FTP connection


Here are a few things that I would check.

1. Make sure that your bandwidth IS NOT throttled at the FTP server. Typically, this is not even an option at the client.

2. Check resource utilization on both nodes. If they are Windows machines, this can easily be done from Perfmon.exe.

3. Ensure that both straight-through CAT5 cables are in good condition. Gigabit requires ALL 4 PAIRS to function properly. If one of the cables is not up to par, this will impede performance.

4. Double-check the configurations for the attached ports and/or try another port on the switch.

5. Try statically changing the port settings from 1000 to 100/Full or 10/Full. If you are only transferring a 4MB file, this will still only take a matter of seconds at either speed setting.

6. There is also the possibility of NIC/Driver issues. Do a Windows SMB file transfer to another machine or something else to ensure that the Network sub-system can handle the throughput (there is not reason that is shouldn't).

Let us know...

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