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6509 Sup720 and 67xx line cards memory

I am in the process of ordering a 6509 with Sup720-3B and had some memory questions.

There will be 6748-GE-TX, 6724-SFP, and 6704-10GE cards in the chassis. Right now we will use centralized forwarding. I understand the WS-F6700-CFC card is required for each of those line cards to support this. Is there any memory required in addition to the CFC? I have seen the MEM-XCEF720-256M and MEM-XCEF720-512M mentioned in some quotes, but the information I find on Cisco's website seems to indicate these are only needed with the DFC daughter cards.

Also, where specifically are the supervisor DRAM memory modules used? For example, I have MEM-MSFC2-512MB and MEM-S2-512MB on some quotes but am having a hard time figuring out what specifically they are memory for. From what I can gather, there needs to be DRAM memory for the SP, RP, and PFC3 card. The MEM-MSFC2-512MB is for the SP and RP, right? And the MEM-S2-512MB is for the PFC3, right? Or am I just really confused at this point?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: 6509 Sup720 and 67xx line cards memory

All 67xx series linecards use exactly the same type of memory as Sup 720 memory. So, in this case it's MEM-XCEF720-????.

Even without DFC, I believe 67xx series still need local memory.

MEM-S2-???? and MEM-MSFC2-???? are only for "legacy" supervisors and MSFC cards (e.g. Sup 2 + MSFC daughter card).


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