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6509 Sup720 HSRP and OSPF timers

I have a GigE core with 6 6509 Sup720 meshed. We run VOIP and IPSAN traffic across the core and need quick fail-over. I have modified the HSRP and OSPF timers as follows:

HSRP - standby 22 timers 1 4

OSPF - timers throttle spf 1000 5000 5000

This sets HSRP hellos to 1 second and OSPF SPF change to 1 second. Has anyone tweaked these timers in a similar environment and what were your results?


Re: 6509 Sup720 HSRP and OSPF timers

The command you show for OSPF is for exponential backoff of SPF, not the hello timer.... I would think with 6 routers meshed, you should be able to set your ospf hellos to minimal, which would give you 330ms hellos with a 1 second dead interval, improving your speed just a bit more than the 1 second hello interval. I wouldn't do this with 20 or 30 neighbors, I'd be worried about scaling, but with 5 or 6 , you should be fine.

Exponential backoff for SPF is also a good idea in this network, though I'd probably set the timers lower than what you have here. I think I'd push them down into the 10 200 5000 range or so.



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