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6509 switches CGMP


I'm trying to configure multicast of 6509 switch using RTSYNC_cat6000-sup2.6-3-5.bin. I configure the router interface as below:

interface Vlan259

ip address

ip pim sparse-mode

ip cgmp

But, when I tried the configure switch for cgmp. The only available options are:


set igmp enable

set igmp fastleave disable



set rgmp disable

I could not found the cgmp option on switch.

The question is, is CISCO is not supporting the CGMP on switch level or I need to upgrade the IOS. If CGMP option is not available any more what best options I have to configure the multicasting ?

Waiting for reply.

Thanks in advance.


Re: 6509 switches CGMP

The Catalyst 6500 running CatOS can't be a cgmp switch. The 6500 running IOS can be a cgmp router.

The Catalyst 5000/4000/2900 can run cgmp though.


New Member

Re: 6509 switches CGMP

It means that I need to configure IGMP on msfc also and remove the CGMP from msfc interfaces ? or there is any other best way to do it?

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Re: 6509 switches CGMP

The Cat6500 does not support CGMP client, meaning that the L2 switch cannot receive CGMP notices from a router running CGMP. However, the MSFC does support CGMP Server and can provide multicast information via CGMP to downstream switches that are not able to use IGMP Snooping natively. For example, the Cisco 2900 or 3500 series switches do not support IGMP Snooping and must use CGMP to restrict multicast sessions within a VLAN. The newer 2950 and 3550 switches support IGMP Snooping.

So, you should use IGMP Snooping on the Cat6500 switch and I would recommend still configuring the MSFC for CGMP on the VLAN interfaces and make sure to enable CGMP on any switches that don't support IGMP Snooping.



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