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6509 with ATM Card

I have a client who wanted to upgrade their T1 Internet connection. They bought a PA-A3T3 card for their core Cat 6509 (Soup 1A). The Cat has a open slot in their FlexWan module for the PA-A3T3. The problem is that the Cat is behind their PIX .....naturally. Is anyone aware of a way to basically take Internet traffic into the new ATM card on the Cat, then send it to the PIX and then send it back to the Cat? I can hear you sayin' "What a friggin' ugly traffic path!" I agree but the guy has already bought the card and has kept it for several months already and can't return it.

Traffic flow would be: Internet>>>>>>>ATM Card on CAT>>>>>>>PIX>>>>>>>Ethernet Port on CAT>>>>>>Clients


Re: 6509 with ATM Card

1483 Bridging might get you what you want here. Don't know what code you are running so I don't know if you can now support this.

Basically you can bind a SUP VLAN to a PVC, so you could have a PVC coming into your customer switch bound to one Ethernet/Fastethernet accessport that could deliver traffic to your PIX.

Here is a URL Discussing this 1483 Bridging a bit.

This is not a good design, as you've already mentioned and there are more ways to do this. You might be able to accomplish this with NAT as well.

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Re: 6509 with ATM Card

Thanks Don. Thought about this a little more and frankly, from a security prespective, I just don't think this is worth mucking with. I think I am going to recommend to the client to return the card (if possible) and consider adding T1s to their ISP and performing BPG "multi-path" load balancing to increase Internet access bandwidth.


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