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6513 Redundany sup2 single Chassis

I have a single chassis with 2 sup2 boards in slot 1 and slot 2 respectfully. I want to replace primary slot 1. If use rotate the blades slot1- remove, put slot2 blade into slot1 and install new blade into slot 2. Will both router and switch configurations synchronize? Currently high-availibilty is disable? But if its enable does the router configureation sync and will it adjust the hsrp priority and prempt configs respectfully. For example standyby 207 priority 110, standby 207 preempt (sup2-slot1 router configs) & slot2 configs will be diffent priority - standby 207 priority 90.

When these blades synchronize will the router configs be included in the secondary slot2 blade keeping the priorties vlans in correct order. I understand the switch configs will be exsactly the same and synchronizing is no problems. I wasn't sure about the router configs because each is differnt on each sup2.


Re: 6513 Redundany sup2 single Chassis

Is the system running in hybrid mode, i.e CatOS on the supervisor and IOS on the MSFC, or is the system running Integrated IOS ( Native IOS ..c6sup22 image ) ?

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Re: 6513 Redundany sup2 single Chassis

Switch Code

1 7599832 Jun 06 2003 07:00:04 cat6000-sup2k8.7-6-1.bin

2 8040396 Sep 02 2003 11:05:40 cat6000-sup2k8.8-1-1.bin

Router Code


Directory of bootflash:/

1 -rw- 1786256 Oct 01 2003 15:24:48 c6msfc2-boot-mz.121-13.E9

2 -rw- 13702968 Oct 01 2003 15:25:24 c6msfc2-dsv-mz.121-13.E9

31981568 bytes total (16492088 bytes free)

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