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7200VXR WCCP with Net Cache

Hi all

i have 7200VXR with WCCP support

with 4 Ethernet cards

one is connected to Intetnet

one ethernet with cross cable conncted to Cache Server

one port with cross cable connected to My laptop for testing the cache server with wccp

when i make the configuration

ip wccp 10

ip wccp 11

and iam able to working cache server, its able to route all the packets and get working

but i dont want to all the clients to move to cache server

i have some specific clients need to go to cache rest all need to go dirctly

so i make some access list

ip wccp 10 redirect 161

ip wccp 11 redirect 161

access-list 161 permit ip x.x.x.x any

access-list 161 deny ip any any

when the access-list in place

i get from client page not found

in the cache server log i get gateway time out

any suggestions



Re: 7200VXR WCCP with Net Cache


According the command usage it does tells to make use of standard ACLs for redirection .Pls do refer then note taken out from CCO..

ip wccp {web-cache | service-number} redirect-list access-list

This option instructs the router to use an access list to control the traffic that is redirected to the web caches of the service group specified by the service name given. The access-list argument specifies either a number from 1 to 99 to represent a standard access list number or a name to represent a named standard access list. The access list itself specifies which traffic is permitted to be redirected. The default is for no redirect list to be configured (all traffic is redirected).

Instead of 161 can you try configuring a simple standard ACL as mentioned below and check ?

access-list 1 permit x.x.x.x


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Re: 7200VXR WCCP with Net Cache

Hi prem

as per your guidence

i have made the same change in my router

added access-list 1 permit x.x.x.0

but still i have same problem

not able to browse and get in my cache server log



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Re: 7200VXR WCCP with Net Cache


iam still not able make this acl succefully

and route only accelist matched IP's to WCCP Server

can some one guide me

how can make this rotue to work

thanks for the help


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Re: 7200VXR WCCP with Net Cache


i dont see any experts who worked in this solution

or this is group not related to this subject ??

any help will be appriciated


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