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7204 VXR

Hi !

The Power OK LED on the I/O controller module of our 7204 VXR is amber when powered on. The power supply is fine but none of the other LEDs on any of the other modules are on.

Looks to me like we'll have to replace the I/O controller. Help !!


Fareeduddin Ahmad,

Network Engineer, SEC-SOUTH, Abha, K.S.A


Re: 7204 VXR

Before you RMA it, look at your IOS version, make sure it supports the hardware. I have had that happen before (wrong ios version for the hardware) with the 7204VXR.

Hope it helps.


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Re: 7204 VXR

Thanks for your reply Steve.

But this 7204 VXR has been working fine for the past 11-12 months !! We had this problem just three days ago.

Is it the NPE, maybe ?

Is there any restriction in manually powering the 7204 on and off ? I mean for how long can we leave it powered on ? Is there any limit ?


Fareeduddin Ahmad, Network Engineer

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Re: 7204 VXR

I have also had this happen before on two occasions. First occasion was a 6509 that lost power to it and got stuck. We simply unplugged the power altogether and plugged it back in. The second time was a 4006 switch and on this one we had to replace a bad power supply.

Before you replace the NPE, be sure it is not the power supply. Even though some Cisco products say they will work with one PS plugged in, some will not. They will need both.


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