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7206 ATM PVC FE Interface selection?

We have a 7206 with a PA-A3-T3 and multiple PA-FE-TX's. Incoming from a wholesale DSL provider is an ATM DS3 with each customer coming in on its own PVC . We have a client that wishes to have his PVC's directed ONLY to a FE interface where he provides us with a connection to his network. As of right now, we send all PVC's traffic out the default interface, out to the internet. This client wants his DSL connections (and hence his PVC's) to ONLY see traffic via the FE connection he provides to us. I know the 72XX cannot do PVC switching out to another ATM connection, but can you direct PVC's out various interfaces? IOS verisions are not much of a concern, as we can upgrade.

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Re: 7206 ATM PVC FE Interface selection?

I think you have to put a more specific route to the destination out the FE interface and hence that will be preferred over the default route or you can use PBR to set the next hop interface to his device for the matching traffic. in this case you are going to match all traffic on that PVC. let me know how it goes.

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