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7206vxr router not booting.. and.. console error message...infinitive

sorry. My english is poor....T.T

We have a 7206vxr router.

Router not booting...

and all system LED off...

router console message.. repeatedly...


*** Software NMI ***

PC = 0xbfc0c818, SP = 0x00000000

*** TLB (Load/Fetch) Exception ***

Access address = 0x0

PC = 0x0, Cause = 0x8, Status Reg = 0x3041d003

ROM Monitor Can Not Recover From Exception

A Board Reset Is Issued


---- 7206vxr router spec------

ios version: 12.2.17

NSE-1, 2FE-i/o controller,

PA-2T3+, PA-GE


something help me.. T.T


Re: 7206vxr router not booting.. and.. console error message...i

you can try a few things ,

1.Connect on the console , when the router is booting up when you see the ########## on the console issue the break sequence . once you are at the rommon> prompt change the config register to 0x2142 then reset , this will force the box to ignore nvram and come up with no config. router>.

if this fails then start removing the cards 1 by 1 if it boots properly when one of the cards is removed then this is the bad card , if this fails

then you more than likely have a bad NPE,

also you may want to make sure you have code loaded that supports all the cards in the box.

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