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7300 route line card 7300-CC-PA not recognising


I just got a brand new 7300 router and powered it and it asked to upgrade the FPGA and i clicked yes.

subsequently it started programming successfully but the end result is that the 7300-CC-PA card (atm enhanced E3 line card is not recognized and the out is as shown below. Can anyone suggest how i can make active the line card again

"Router#GM-FPGA DLL out of lock (slot 2)

00:09:02: %OIR-6-INSCARD: Card inserted in slot 2, interfaces administratively s

hut down

00:09:03: %LC-2-LCSYNC: Line Card type 963 in slot 2 serial link sync failed.

00:09:04: %LC-3-DEACTIVATED: line card in slot [2] deactivated.

-Traceback= 4049FA2C 401B3720 4049EC48 4049EFD8 4049F2AC



Re: 7300 route line card 7300-CC-PA not recognising

The problem was caused when the IOS prompted for a downgrade of the FPGA image on the 7300-CC-PA. This downgrade renders the 7300-CC-PA non-functional.

1. upgrade the Cisco 7300 to 12.2(14)SZ3 from CCO

2. when booting this version with the 7300-CC-PA inserted, you may receive a message

indicating that the FPGA version is not synchronized with the IOS release, if this is the case, answer YES so that FPGA is upgraded.

3. if you did not receive that question, then use the command 'upgrade fpga all', and then answer YES

4. after this, you should be running 12.2(14)SZ3, and when you check with 'show diag' you should see your 7300-CC-PA properly and running FPGA 1.10.

5. Then you can downgrade to the IOS you are currently running, Once you boot using this release, IOS will again indicate that the FPGA on the slot of the 7300-CC-PA is not synchronized with the IOS release. This time, answer NO. You will receive a warning message, you can ignore it. At this moment you should be running the correct IOS and your PA should be working fine, still using FPGA 1.10.

6. If you still receive the warning message from time to time, use the command 'upgrade fpga all' and answer NO to the question for upgrading the FPGA. This will eliminate the periodic appearance of the message.

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