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7507 problem


i have encountered problem when installing new PA card on router. When i insert VIP2-50 card with new PA, my router starts to somewhat hang. The ATM port goes down, and FE port although up but cannot be ping from other routers. Moreover i got this message when i do show version:

System returned to ROM by error - a Software forced crash, PC 0x6036364C at 17:31:28 UTC Mon Oct 28 2002

System restarted at 15:57:58 UTC Thu Mar 6 2003

What is this? our vendor says that PA's are not hotswappable but the VIP2 cards are. How come the PA's are not hot swappable? does this mean that i have to turn off the router everytime i place another PA? thanks.



Re: 7507 problem

Your vendor is correct, the PAs are not hop swappable but the VIP cards are. In any case, they should not cause the router to crash like you are seeing.

You can use the following URL on CCO to analyse the output of the 'show stack' command to see if this is a known bug that has been fixed in another level of IOS

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Re: 7507 problem

Yes, you must poll out the vip inorder to install the new, but, power off the router is not necessary.

And, OIR of the vip should not crash your router. There must be some software bugs.

The only way you can confirm the sofeware crash problem is open a case with cisco tac. capture "show tech" , "show log" and download crash-infor files from bootflash of your router. So that tac engineers can help you to decode software bugs forcing the reload of your router.

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