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7513 problem

Gentlemen, I would like to share and seek your advise to anyone who can interpret well on this problem....About 16 hours ago I experience a major problem affecting our Cisco 7513 router, The Problem started when one of the interface module hang up (serial 11), then moments later the other serial stop to work until all of them did not work at all, I could not capture the log file because while doing it the router reboots and go to Rommon.

During the corrective action our vendor found out that there are affected hardware within the Router these are.

Serial 11 module

Serial 12 module

Processor Board (2 module with corrupted IOS) both active and redundant processor board are defective the IOS is not working at all.

My question is...

1. where can I get the information regarding the MTBF of this equipment .

2. Is there a Virus that could cause in corrupting the Cisco IOS.?


Re: 7513 problem

Is your vendor the only one who has analyzed the fault?

Do you think he is capable to work with this kind of equipment?

A corrupted IOS would mean flash corruption, something I have never ever seen or heard from before.

What happens when you reset the board? (i.e.use the rommon reset command)

New Member

Re: 7513 problem

Thanks for the reply.

Yes sir our vendor is the only one for now analyzed the fault and I think they're capable to resolve the problem with our Cisco 7513.

The IOS, Both in active and redundant processor board are corrupted the flash didn't work at all when we tested it,

within the rommon command the system when reset boot to a prompt with a (boot) display, it could not bring up the IOS at all.

We replace the processor board with the new flash card.

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