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7603 Router and SUP 2

The new 7603 router or should i call it switch whatever it is it says it supports sup 1a with msfc2 with pfc but when i insert one which is working in a 6500 it says withdrawing more power than system rating and the system leds remain red showing all 3 VTT's failed and if i put my other 7603's sup 2 it works perfect any suggestions??? at the same time my old card shows a asic failure and no card gets recognized this means this has failed right???

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Re: 7603 Router and SUP 2

Sup1a/MSFC2 is supported and should work fine

What software are you running on the Sup1a? If this an hybrid system, you need to run 6.x./7.x. If you have 5.x, upgrade it to 6.3(8) and try.

For asic failure issues, what is the exact message you see?

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Re: 7603 Router and SUP 2


sup1a doesnt get recognized and shows system drwaing more power VTT failed when i do sh env all 3 are failed (This was provided as a standby after checking up on the cisco site that it is compatible) the sysem LED and PWR MNMGT led remain Red and this module works in a 6500

But the original card which was shipped by cisco with the router shows asic failure and we have native running on it not catOS that showed asic failure we have another 7603 with the same IOS which works just fine we have put a STM link on it too and

i want to know one most important thing the original card is some x6k-k2u-msfc2 something cisco had given it saying it supports APS now i wanna know if i put a normal sup2 with msfc2 mind it the part number r different will it support the APSwitching coz the STM link should neve go down for the customer

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