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8 T1s load sharing?

I want to establish 8 T1s between 7200 and 7500.

What are my options. I can't load share more the 6 T1s, right?

Does multilink ppp work in this case?




Re: 8 T1s load sharing?

You are correct; you cannot load-share across more than six equal cost paths in the routing table.

Multilink PPP should technically work, however, over 20Mb/s of potential MLPPP traffic requires that you carefully examine your setup and make sure you have the CPU or hardware resources to get it done. You will need some hefty processor resources on your 7200, hopefully one of the newer model NPE or NSE models. On the 7500 side, you will get best results if you are using T1 or serial port adapters on a VIP2-40 or better running 12.0(3)T or later. This allows you to leverage the distributed multilink PPP support first introduced in that release. If you don't have this, you will probably severely stress your RSP and not be able to take full advantage of all eight T1s.

If you cannot meet some or any of the requirements for high speed MLPPP performance, you may want to invest in external hardware multiplexers. You can get these from several vendors like Adtran or Kentrox. You then add one HSSI serial port to each router instead of eight T1 or serial ports.

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