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800 line Access List

I have a 2620 router and it has 64MB RAM 16MB Flash. Is there a way around the 32kb limitation for the config? The config file that I'm trying to paste is about 641KB and even at compressed it's over the 32KB limit. I also tried to tftp that file and still have a problem.


Re: 800 line Access List

If you tried the service compress config command and it did not work , did you try to tftp it in in a couple of shots , make 3 separate files then tftp them in one at a time .

Community Member

Re: 800 line Access List

Yes I have tried the service compress config and the 800 line access list is still to big to run off of flash. The problem is when we TFTP the access list it will skip lines here and there. When we were pasting the access list via telnet it will spit out a invalid marker error and skip a few lines. There is no way around the 32KB limitation?


Re: 800 line Access List

Check on the boot config url command. Not sure it works in the 2600.

The real issue sounds like the size of the list. It will really slow the 2600 down. Seems like a list that big could be summarized somehow to make it smaller.

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