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802 ISDL Router

From prior discussions. . .

I believe the 804 has 4 additional connections in addition to the main ethernet port.

Here is our senario. We hooked up our new cable service to a cable modem. From the cable modem, can we run a line to the 804 router so that we can allow 3 other computers to access the internet? Or is this router only able to interpret DSL signals. Also, if this senario does work, will I lose speed due to the fact that this is a DSL router?

Cisco Employee

Re: 802 ISDL Router

You need a router which has atleast two ethernet ports..One will connect to cable router and other will connect to ethernet hub along with rest of the PC's...So to be specific, 806 router will be the best choice here which has two ethernet port out of which one can be connected to cable modem's eth port and other port is directly connected to 4 port eth hub (internally) where you can plug your rest of the 3 PC's...Here is the place which discuss that network design in detail with config of 806 too.

Now there will not be a speed loss due to 806 router but the cable connection bandwidth will be shard between those PC's.

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