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804 IDSL router turned into a bridge

I have a 804 IDSL route that I want to turn into a bridge. All it is to do is to terminate the ISDL connection and pass the data out the Ethernet port. No interface on the router is to have an IP address. Two questions then:

1) Can this be done?

2) Can someone provide some direction into this? I've done a lot of routing, but very little bridging.



Re: 804 IDSL router turned into a bridge

Yes its possible.

Configure a bridge group

bridge 1 protocol ieee.

and apply this bridge group to both the interface on which the IDSL connection is terminated, and the ethernet interface.

the interface command for this is, bridge-group 1.

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Re: 804 IDSL router turned into a bridge

Oops! I left out one very important part. I forgot to say that the provider [of the IDSL] link is using PPP. I've done a fair amount of experimenting and done several searches on Google and here. This seems to be a relatively common desire, but I haven't been able to come up with the solution yet. If it can't be done with PPP, perhaps if the provider passed it to me with FR?

Re: 804 IDSL router turned into a bridge

Your providers encapsulation shouldnt affect your bridging. The bridge will receive bridged traffic from IDSL link, remove the encapsulation, and format it into ethernet frames and bridge it out through ethernet and vice versa.

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