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827 With Multiple External Static IP's?

Can the 827 router handle multiple external static IP's? I have a DSL plan and it comes with 5 static IP's. I would like to be able to assign them all to the router and be accessible externally via the Internet. Thanks

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Re: 827 With Multiple External Static IP's?

Hi Brad,

So your router comes with some Public IP addresses? x.x.x.x /29 at a guess. One IP address for the ATM port and 5 to do with as you please. Am I right?

If so then you can assign the other addresses as secondary's to the ATM port. Quite why you would want to do that is best known to you:)

The probable reason that you have been assigned further addresses is so that you can use them for web, mail, tftp,ftp servers etc. Through the use of static NAT you can redirect traffic to the appropriate server or..

.. make ATM0 IP unnumbered to E0 and assign the other addresses to PC's or servers. Be aware though that this means your clients and servers are DIRECTLY connected to the web and extremely vulnerable, so best avoided really!

If you have no plans for them immediatley, just don't use them. They have been assigned to you by your ISP so no-one else can use them.

Let me know if you need a config.


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Re: 827 With Multiple External Static IP's?

Did you see the post "Cisco 827 PPoE ADSL" which is my 827 configuration file? Everything is there.


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Re: 827 With Multiple External Static IP's?

Hi Shawn,

Yeah I saw that. It's ever so slightly different if you're using PPPoA though. I assume that is what is in use as Brad doesn't specify (assumption is not always a good thing though is it?)

Incidentally, did you manage to solve your problem regarding retraining?



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