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857w Wireless & encryption help needed


I am struggling with the wireless setup of the 857W in a certain scenario.

Scenario is as follows

The 857w is the ADSL internet gateway for a small to medium LAN.

The server(s) on the LAN already provide DNS and DHCP to client machines on the LAN.

What we would like to achieve is the ability to use the 857W as a wireless access point as well as the internet gateway for the LAN.

All wireless data must be secured and encrypted by at least a WEP key (no plans to deploy radius/IAS).

Ideally we would like to use the DHCP on the LAN.

Can anyone provide me with some configuration examples of a potential solution or at least some good pointers.

And just to mention - there is no standardisation on the version of IOS in use - can easily be upgraded/downgraded if so required.

If I havent provided enough information please feel free to ask any questions.

Many thanks

Paul Adam

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Re: 857w Wireless & encryption help needed

Our 871W requirement is similar but we allow the guest ssid access to the internet and a private ssid and wired traffic is tunnelled over the VPN.

Security: Our private SSID is configured to use WPA-PSK/TKIP giving us a protected AP and encryption.

DHCP:I believe in your case you could configure the AP in bridge mode and the wireless devices would fall into the same subnet as you LAN interface. If so, DHCP should just work. Or.....

The AP can be configured for DHCP and the subnet can be added to the encryption domain. Otherwise, a forwarder can be added to point to the LAN's dhcp server and a new scope can be defined for the wireless segment.

I'll follow the post to see some other ideas.

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Re: 857w Wireless & encryption help needed

hey - thanks for the reply.

Yep - thats pretty much what I'd like to achieve (minus the vpn) - i.e. there would only be one "private" ssid which would have the encrypted traffic - this and the wired connections would have access to the internet (with the wireless also still having local LAN access to the wired network).

Its the config that I'm struggling with now though.

Anyone got some examples?



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