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867VAE provisioning with config & IOS version

I am setting up a lot of 867VAE's and wanting to streamline the provisioning process.

I already have a script that generates the full config based on a few inputs, and I load those on via USB drive and pressing the reset button.

I have a specific IOS load I also want to put on the routers at the same time, so I'm looking for a method for copying this on via USB at the same time, preferably.

The only way I could see possible to do this was to have three files on the USB drive, I'm just not sure how IOS processes these config files as to whether my idea will work:

  • customer-config
  • ios-load.bin
  • customer-config2

The customer-config file would be a valid config and include these lines at the end:

     ! remove old load to make space for new one
   delete flash:c867vae...bin
     ! remove customer-config from USB drive to prevent loading the same one again on reload
   delete usbflash:customer-config
     ! Copy new load to router
   copy usbflash:ios-load.bin flash:c867vae...bin
     ! copy new config to router (without these 5 lines)
   copy usbflash:customer-config2 startup-config
     ! reload to test new config before deployment


The customer-config2 file would be a valid config without those end lines.

Would this work for setting up the config, deleting the old image, loading the new image, loading the new config, and reload into the new config?

I don't know enough about how IOS processes the startup-config file when it's loading to know whether these will be processed as I'm hoping or if the commands will be ignored and if there's something I can do about it, or if there's an alternative light-touch method for upgrading IOS and loading a template config on.

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 ! remove old load to make

 ! remove old load to make space for new one

You could try "delete /f /r flash:c867*.bin".  

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 ! remove old load to make

 ! remove old load to make space for new one

You could try "delete /f /r flash:c867*.bin".  

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     ! Copy new load to

     ! Copy new load to router
   copy usbflash:ios-load.bin flash:c867vae...bin

1.  Make sure you new config file does NOT have any mention of the old IOS. 

2.  Why don't you just TAR the config file and the IOS?  That way, instead of doing a series of copy-to-from you just initiate the "archive tar /x usbflash0:filename.tar flash:"?

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That didn't quite work how I

That didn't quite work how I hoped. Turns out you have to put it before the 'end' of the customer-config file and prepend each line with 'do'.

The end of my customer-config file now looks like this:

do delete flash:c860vae*.bin
do rename usbflash0:customer-config usbflash0:customer-config.old
do copy usbflash0:c860vae-advsecurityk9-mz.154-1.T1.bin flash:c860vae-advsecurityk9-mz.154-1.T1.bin
do copy usbflash0:customer-config-2 nvram:startup-config

And that's working brilliantly. About 2 min of prep work to get customer-config and customer-config-2 onto the USB drive, hit the reset button, and the router is ready to go in 10 minutes.

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Hi,I'm trying to get mine up


I'm trying to get mine up and running... Just want to be able to use Telstra Bigpond and a base of But i'm a bit of a novice. Can you help me?

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