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897VA-K9 Console port dead

Hello to all,

I bought a brand new Cisco 897 sealed from ebay.
Unfortunately the console port it doesnt work.
I am trying to find an email to contact cisco (in Ireland) so I can ask them about the cost of fixing it but I cant find it somewhere.

Is this the best thing I can do?
Any suggestions?


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There are several things that

There are several things that might produce symptoms that make the console appear to be dead. I suggest that you look into these:

- are you using the correct console cable? Cisco devices frequently use a roll over cable for connecting to the console. Can you try your console cable on some other Cisco device and see if it works there?

- is your terminal emulator software set up correctly? Have you used this PC and this emulator software to connect to other Cisco devices?

- is the connection set up for speed of 9600? If the Cisco is new it probably has the default setting for console speed. But it would be worth trying various speed settings in the terminal emulator starting from 1200 and working through 2400, 4800, up to 115000.

I would guess that Cisco will not be very helpful about repairing a low end router that was purchased on EBay. I would think you might have more success in getting assistance from the entity that you purchased the router from.

You might want to look for someone in Ireland who services network equipment. They might be able to help resolve the problem with your console connection.



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Hello Rick,first of all thank

Hello Rick,

first of all thank you for your time to reply to my question.

1- Yes I am using the correct cable. I have also a 2960 and a 877 that this cable with the serial to usb is working fine.

2- Yes my ssh (putty) is correctly setup since its working fine like I said on (1).

3- I have try couple of speed but not all of them. Same results :(

I thought that if I pay Cisco to repair it they would. It doesnt matter where I bought it from.

I will look around to see if I can find some one.

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It is good to know that the

It is good to know that the console cable and the settings of your terminal emulator do work when connected to other Cisco devices. This does certainly point toward it being a problem with the 897.

Since you purchased the router from someone on EBay I would hope that you might be able to ask them for help in resolving this problem. But if that does not work I have two approaches that you might try. You can contact Cisco TAC and ask for assistance using the address Or here is a phone number for Cisco TAC for United Kingdom

0800 404 7778

Good luck in getting this resolved.



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