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9 RMON groups & supported routers/IOS.

Hello folks,

I'm hoping someone could shed some light on which routers/IOS support all nine RMON groups (statistics, history, alarms, hosts, hostTopN, matrix, filter, capture, event)?

As far as I can see only the 7000 series routers support all 9. Is this so? I was hoping the 3700 series would support all 9 groups. Is this limitation just due to the performance hit the potential monitoring of all 9 groups could have on the router?

Am I missing something?

Cheers for you help.



Re: 9 RMON groups & supported routers/IOS.

If you have a CCO account, you can use the feature navigator tool at to find which platform/release supports this. Otherwise, a Cisco sales representative should be able to help you. I do find that it is supported on 2500 series with 12.1(19), but I was not able to find support for 3700.

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Re: 9 RMON groups & supported routers/IOS.

Thanks for the reply.

I did have a look at the FN & as you say full RMON is basically supported by the 2501-25, the 7000 series & AS platforms. I guess I'm surprised that the 2500s support full RMON, but the 3700s don't. Oh well, 7204 it is then...

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